I thought paying someone a 6% commission was my only option?
Paying a 6% commission on the sales price of your home is only one of your options. The smart move is to find a professional full-service real estate company that charges thousands less to sell your home. A third option is finding a company that charges a large up-front fee for less service.

What is full-service?
Full-service real estate means that you have a professional real estate company there for you from the moment you decide to sell your home through the closing of the sale of your home and beyond. A full-service professional real estate company will only be interested in selling your home, not how much commission they can convince you to hand them.

Should I list my home in the MLS?
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an online information services used exclusively by REALTORSŪ . Over 1,000 local agents use the MLS to find homes for buyers. By placing your home in the MLS you get those 1,000 plus agents working hard to find a buyer for your home. Placing your home on the MLS also gets your home automatically listed on several websites that enables buyers from outside of the area to view your home as well.

Are there any fees or commissions when listing my home on the MLS?
Listing your home on the MLS requires offering a cooperating commission to any broker that finds a buyer for your home. The typical cooperating commission is 3% of the sales price of your home due at closing. Gabel Real Estate Services encourages you to offer a variable rate cooperating commission. Our variable rate cooperating commission means that if you find a buyer or if Gabel Real Estate Services finds a buyer, your commission due at closing will actually be less.

What if a REALTORŪ brings a buyer?
If a REALTORŪ brings a buyer they will typically expect a commission as compensation for finding a buyer for your home. When you list your home in the MLS, you will pay the cooperating commission you set beforehand. If you did not list your home in the MLS, you will negotiate the buyer-agent commission with any REALTORŪ who brings you a buyer.

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